Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Showers?

Let's say, showers of money? Yes, April so far is a much better month than March. Then again it's only 5 days into the month. I ended up cashing in 4 out of 5 of my tournaments last night with one final table. First was around 4k but my AK couldn't survive 10 10 even with me hitting my Ace on the flop. Still a good night and start.

I am still on a stake with the "2nd Corporation" and I feel a lot better and focused this month. My attitude has completely changed over the last week or so and I owe that to a few pieces of literature I have been reading. I am now very motivated financially and morally. Let's just say I say yes to doing things or helping people more than I used to. It's a great feeling, I must say.

Anyways, looking forward to switching to night shift at my real job and seeing how it effects my poker schedule. I will be almost on the same time zone as back home so it should help.

In other good news, I finally payed off my car today! 12k payed off in a little over 14 months. Not baller status but hey I'm only 23 years old and growing up my parents didn't own 2 cars that were worth that much. Good stuff.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Poker in the desert. Not really where I wanna be, but poker so far has been good, especially since my volume in tournaments has dropped dramatically. Looking to play a couple good Sunday tournaments with big guarantees. Only problem is it's about 2am here, and that's just the starting time.
Had a nice shot the other night at some good money. First was around 4600$ with a 22$ buy-in in the 20k Gtd. on Stars. Got to the final table short stacked and woke up with JJ in the big blind. Shove to an early position raiser and was then called and up against 99. 9 on the river and I'm out in 9th for a cool 400$. Not what I am looking for, but it's a good confidence booster.

As of late I made a semi deep run in 2 tournaments last night. Both ending in blind battles which ended in racing. Not to mention I was running horribly that night and have no Idea how I made the money. 4 out of 5 Aces just got destroyed by 2 or 3 outters and I couldn't win a race. Still cashed in two so happy.

Some good news though! With my free time(not a lot) I am writing an eBook, which most likely won't be done until around May or June but I am getting excited about it. I am also building a website for it to be available to purchase. I'm trying to go really in-depth with this book so that it is worth what the consumer pays for. Should be around 10-15$, but that's all dependent. I'll let everyone know more on that later and provide a link to it here as well when the sites up. I am also looking to provide coaching on this site, specifically rush coaching but will offer regular tournament coaching as well. I will be looking to bring some other coaches onto the team at the site as well, so let me know if you are interested.

That's it from me! Here's to a good March! Good luck everyone!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just a few things...

So this month so far has been crazy, yet very good for me. Not only am I working 12 hour shifts from 5pm to 5am the last week and a half, but I am also coaching a 7-8 year old soccer team and playing poker, all while trying to be a dad and a husband....whew.

I am really trying to focus on ending this month on a good note as far as poker goes. My confidence is at an all time high and I want to snowball on that to keep moving up in stakes or at least to keep killing the 135 mans and the rush rebuys.

One thing that really sucks, is that I will be leaving sometime in the winter for 6 months, and don't know if I will be able to play when I leave. So not only ma I trying to have a good year due to me possibly missing 6 months of poker, but I will be missing 6 MONTHS OF POKER PEOPLE!!!! This is serious. LOL.

As far as goals for the next 4 months, well, I think I am going to try for once not to make any goals. To play and let things happen without expectations or lost hope. Just to see how it works out for me, and if it is good then I will continue to use this to better my game.

On a good note I have off this weekend so lots of volume and hopefully a big guarantee tourney!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog is back!

Finally I am back and more excited than ever about poker! Especially RUSH poker! In the last 4 months combined I've pulled in a cool 22,000$ from rush tournaments on Full Tilt Poker.

I have a very unique and descriptive strategy in the making and plan on doing lots of other things as well. My new You tube page is in the making as well, so look out for that! I'm looking to have video blogs, strategy videos, and sweat sessions on this channel and hope it becomes a useful tool for others.

Update on all the new cool stuff coming soon......

Monday, June 29, 2009

As for the post below, I was talking about the Poker issues and the government, not the Air Force :). At the time I couldn't deposit and was upset. Anyways on to what's going on lately in the life of me....

Currently playing 25nl and killing it. 9/100BB not bad but I am running really well and am prepared for the almighty downswing IF it comes soon. I have changed since reading a recent book that I have about having certain goals. Firstly, I would usually say something like " I want to be at 50nl by the end of July, which technically I am about 1 BI away from being able to play 50nl with 20BIs, BUT I am not making any goals like that. I understand now thta goals like that make you play more or reach out more/chase winnings if you are down so from now on I am going to be having goals like this:

1. Read more poker books- I have both of the Harrington on Cash Books which will take some time.

2. Post more in the HA section of Cards Chat- At least post a hand for every 2-3 sessions I have.

3. Look over HHs, and database stats- look at my actual raw stats and try to find anything that can be improved or taken away.

4. Sweat sessions- self explanatory

I think that by not having set goals I can make correct decisions and not always be results orientated. Wish me Luck!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


The US government can fuck off.

That is all.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fresh Start

This month feels like a fresh start, which is an awesome coincidence seeing that it is May and the beginning of spring. I am still being staked by WVHillbilly(hope you don;t mind me saying :) )
Anyways my confidence is super high after winning an mtt last night. It was a 5$ KO, which KOs are pretty cool, something different. It was one hell of a roller coaster though. I was 4/18 with like 80k chips and a guy raises, I re-raise and he tanks gives the whole table a speech and says good bye to his new friends he made I guess. Long story short my QQ lost JJ(2 OUTTER!!!!!). I was down to like 30k and came back to being in 1st at the final table. So yeah crazy.